Commercial Contracts

We assist our clients of all sizes with various types of contracts in all business areas. In our assignments related to commercial contracts, our experts work together with the client to define the relevant priorities and potential issues at hand, which are then connected to the needs, goals and negotiation position of the client. In addition, our lawyers represent and assist our clients in contract negotiations with the clients’ contracting partners. The purpose of contract negotiations is to ensure a contract that is as beneficial, appropriate and effective for our client as possible.

Our experts’ specialised knowledge and experience of various industries allow us to draft correctly-scaled contracts that support our clients’ business and also prevent future problems. Contracts that have been prepared and negotiated professionally are an essential part of pre-emptive risk management and everyday operations. An appropriate and professionally-prepared contract that takes the client’s and the industry’s practices and operating environment into account reduces the risk of disputes between parties while also protecting our client’s interests if a dispute does arise.