Corporate Advisory

The experts of our firm have diverse knowledge of corporate law, particularly of matters related to the application of the Limited Liability Companies Act. In addition, Applex lawyers assist clients with legal matters related to other corporate forms, such as limited partnerships, associations and foundations.

We regularly assist our clients in matters related to corporate decision-making and the boardroom work. We advise our clients on the preparation of individual business decisions, as well as on various everyday matters related to corporate law, the stock market and stock market communications.

We have planned and implemented various corporate restructurings for our clients, such as mergers, partial and full demerger, asset sales and share exchange and combinations thereof. We also assist our clients regularly with share issues and other questions and arrangements related to financing of companies.

Applex lawyers have also prepared and implemented dozens of general meetings for both private and public companies. When needed, our experienced experts can take of the entire general meeting process, including the preparation of invitations and proposed resolutions, the tasks of the chair and the secretary, and the preparation of the minutes and required communications and releases.

We give you prompt answers to small individual questions related to corporate law and ensure that the boardroom work is efficient and the general meetings are run smoothly. As for mergers and acquisitions and other more extensive projects, we will implement them with you on the scale that suits you best.