Real Estate and Construction

The experts in our real estate and construction team are available for all your needs regarding property and environmental law or the related administrative processes or disputes. Construction law, property law and the related contracts and disputes are our key areas of expertise. Over the years, we have assisted hundreds of clients in contract and dispute processes related to real estate and construction.

We offer our extensive services to construction companies, housing companies and private individuals alike in all contractual matters related to construction and real estate, including the sale of real property, agreements to divide possession between joint owners, tenancy agreements, land use and development agreements, as well as more complex real estate transactions.

Based on our experience, we know that sometimes disputes and court processes are unavoidable, but we can control and minimise risk related to problems, regardless. The litigation experience of our experts and the resources of our firm ensure that our clients get the best possible outcome even in those construction-related disputes that cannot be settled amicably.