Legal Support Service Package

We are your company’s comprehensive partner in business law. We ensure that your company has pre-emptive protection, such as up-to-date contracts that improve your competitive strength and risk management. Our experts prepare, negotiate, check and comment on various contracts each day. They also offer customised, flexible and efficient consultation on other legal matters besides contracts. Often, the timely and proactive consultation with a lawyer can prevent potentially expensive risk cost-efficiently.

Purpose of our continuous legal support service package is to act as an external legal department for your company. The service package includes the following:

  • A lawyer in charge appointed specifically for your company; they know your business and are quickly available.
  • Our firm’s experts on different branches of business law who offer their special expertise together with the lawyer appointed for you.
  • A pre-agreed expert work capacity that you can freely use during the year for your legal needs. We can adjust the capacity to your needs, so you will never pay for services you do not need.
  • Unlimited on-the-phone consultation in matters related to contracts, business law and employment law and our other areas of expertise; we can give you answers quickly during a short call in cases where we do not need to look at any documents or carry out investigations.
  • A model contract portfolio including up-to-date NDAs, employment and management contracts and record templates for general meeting and board meeting with model resolutions.