International Trade and Contracts

Applex experts on international trade and contracts have extensive experience and knowledge of negotiating and preparing contracts for the international business of Finnish export companies. We also assist our clients with matters related to imports and international acquisitions. We also offer services to a broad range of foreign companies for their legal needs related to business in Finland.

International trade involves many legal challenges that are different to those of domestic trade. Often, the legislation applied on an international contract is very different from the domestic applicable law. In case of conflicts, it is of vital importance that you know how international disputes should be handled. Moreover, international transactions are delicate due to differences in languages and negotiation cultures. However, our experienced lawyers can solve even the most difficult challenges.

Applex has successfully assisted various Finnish companies with international contracts. Our extensive partner network includes established partners in all of the essential export countries of Finnish industry. Our clients can count on receiving specialised knowledge on regional legislation.

Applex is the only Finnish member of the international Ally Law network.

Ally Law consists of leading business law experts around the world. Its global service network includes more than 70 law firms and over 2000 lawyers around the world. Members of Ally Law are independent law firms with robust knowledge of business law, broad expertise in international business matters and a significant position in their country of operation. Through the network, our clients can receive high-quality and cost-efficient law services on a global scale.